EEA Application

EEA Application

Family members of the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland, you are free to live and work or study in the UK as EEA family permit holder. If you are a spouse/partner/civil partner, children under 21 years and parents of EEA and Switzerland citizen, you are eligible to apply your visa on this category.

The UK is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and therefore permits free movement of nationals between Member States. An EEA national who resides in the UK, or who intends to reside in the UK, and is economically active can sponsor a dependent Child, Fiancé(e),Grandchild Great Grandchild, Grandparent, Great Grandparent, Parent or Unmarried partner. Non-EEA nationals whose family member is exercising their Treaty Rights in the UK may be eligible for a maximum period of five (5) year residence family permit. This allows the applicant to work and study in the UK without restriction.

Ultimately, those nationals from certain states are required to ‘register’ or obtain authorisation to work. Once you have spent a continuous period of 5 years in the UK you will qualify for permanent residency subject to meeting certain conditions.

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Q & A

  • 1. Which countries are in the EEA?
  • 2. I am an EEA national, can I bring my family to the UK?
  • 3. I am an EEA national, can I work in the UK?
  • 4. How long it lasts?
  • 5. I am an EEA national but my Spouse/Civil partner is not, can they stay in the UK?
  • 6. How do I start the process?

EEA countries include: Austria, Belgium, **Bulgaria, Cyprus, *Czech Republic, Denmark, *Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, *Hungary, Iceland, Irish Republic, Italy, *Latvia, Liechtenstein, *Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, **Romania, *Slovakia, *Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are not members of the European Union (EU) but citizens of these countries have the same rights to enter, live in and work in the United Kingdom as EU citizens.

Yes, you can bring your family member, if they meet the relevant definition of a Family Member.

  • They are from outside the EEA
  • Spouse/Civil Partner
  • Children under 21 years old or are dependant
  • Dependant direct relatives in the ascending line (parents, grandparents)
  • More distant family members who can demonstrate that they are dependant
  • Partners where there is no civil partnership but they can show that they are in a durable relationship e.e. you and your partner have been living together for at least two years.

You need to be working, a jobseeker, self-employed, studying, self-sufficient or have a permanent right of resident in the UK.

With the exception of specified countries, EEA nationals are able to take up employment in the UK. Since 30 April 2011, the Worker Registration Scheme means that if you are a national of Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lativia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia, you do not need to obtain form the Home Office for permission before you can work in the UK.

An EEA family permit is valid for six months. You can leave and enter the UK as many times as you need within that time. You can extend this leave before your leave expires. If you apply this leave inside the UK, you will be given five years leave.

If you are a Romanian, Bulgarian or Croatian national you may be subject to worker authorisation requirements. This means that you need authorisation from the Home Office before accepting or starting any employment in the UK.

Yes, as an EEA national you may be joined or accompanied to the United Kingdom by your family members that are non EEA nationals.

For non EEA family members already in the UK they are able to apply for a Residence card. This is a document which confirms their right of residence under European law. The Residence card will take the form of an endorsement in their passport which is normally valid for 5 years from the date when it is issued.

You can start 3 months before you lodge an application. We can assist clients based within the UK as well as those based abroad. We are able to provide services from a document checking service, assisting with postal or entry clearance application abroad or same day premium service available for EEA nationals applying for confirmation of their status in the UK.

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