Intra-company visa

Intra-company visa

If you are transferred to the UK branch from an overseas head office in order to undertake work on a specific project then the Intra company transfer category is the right choice. The Intra Company Transfer category places strong emphasis on the employer being able to demonstrate that the salary for the role is appropriate and that no UK resident worker can fill the position.
The ICT category has been split into two subcategories - 'short-term' and 'long-term'. You may take your partner, spouse, dependant/s with you on this visa type, however you do need to be aware of the requirements (namely maintenance) in advance of lodging your application to ensure you have all in order.

How we can help you?
  • Our team are consistently up-to-date with Home Office changes so you don’t miss out.
  • We have excellent links with Home Office policy and can assist with very complex queries.
  • Our diverse team offers support with a personal touch. We know every case is different and promise to treat you like an individual, not a number.
  • We work with you to ensure all the correct documents are submitted for your tier 2 application, and doing everything we can to secure you a permit.

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Q & A

  • 1. Who can apply Intra-company visa?
  • 2. Can I switch to remain under Intra-company visa?
  • 3. Can I work in the UK as any work position?
  • 4. What is English requirement?
  • 5. Does the job have to be advertised before I can be sponsored?
  • 6. How long can I work in the UK?
  • 7. If I have some change in my circumstance, what should I do?
  • 8. Can I Settle in the UK?
  • 9. Can my dependant family work in the UK?

Your prospective sponsor must be an established UK company and hold an A-rated Sponsor Licence. If this is not the case, we can assist the company to secure a Sponsor Licence within weeks, provided your prospective sponsor has sufficient HR process in place to comply with Home Office requirements.
We provide you with complete support throughout your application, liaising with you, your sponsor and the Home Office to ensure the complex process is made as simple as possible.
You usually need to be paid at least the minimum salary for your type of visa or the appropriate rate for the job you’re offered - whichever is higher.
The minimum salary is:

  • £41,500 for Long-term Staff
  • £30,000 for Short-term Staff
  • £23,000 for Graduate Trainee
  • £24,800 for Skills Transfer

However, the salary you need might be different, for example if:

  • you’re extending your Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) visa
  • you’re working in the UK for less than a year
  • you’ll be paid at an hourly rate
  • you’ll work a set number of hours

Contact our team member on 020337110330 or at, if you are unclear of your salary rate.

You can apply to switch into Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer – Long-Term staff) without leaving the UK if you are currently here in one of the following immigration categories:

  • Graduate Trainee: 12 months
  • Short-term Staff: 12 months

The Home Office has recently increased the skill level required for Tier 2 positions. The role must now be equivalent to at least NQF Level 6 or higher, or be recognised by the authorities as an occupation for which skilled workers are in short supply.
The role you are offered must currently be equivalent to NQF Level 6, requiring at least a degree or a minimum of 3 years’ specialist or senior level experience to perform the role.  We will assess whether the position and salary meet requirements and guide you through the application process.

On this category, the English language requirement will not apply. You will be exempted to submit your English test result or degree certificate.

The ICT vacant post does not need to be advertised. It does not carry out the ‘resident labour market test.’  

There have been many changes to the UK immigration regulations in recent years, enacted with a view to reduce net migration to the UK.
Permission to work in the UK for Intra-Company Transfer migrants, entering the UK after 5 April 2011, has now been restricted to 5 years. The only exception is workers earning in more than £153,100. In this instance, two extensions totaling 4 years, bringing your total stay to 9 years maximum, will be permitted.
The maximum stay for each type of Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) visa is:

  • Long-term Staff (if you earn more than £155,300 per year): 9 years
  • Long-term Staff (if you earn less than £155,300 per year): 5 years, 1 month
  • Graduate Trainee: 12 months
  • Short-term Staff: 12 months

You must tell the Home Office about the change within 10 working days to ensure ongoing compliance with the sponsor licence regulations. Tell us as soon as you can about changes to a Tier 2 migrant’s role (such as a change of job duties, work location, salary).
Depending on the nature of the change you may also need to make a new Tier 2 application, and seek approval from the Home Office for the changes to the role to come into effect.

Currently, Intra-company visa holder is not eligible to apply ILR.

Dependants (who may include your spouse/ unmarried partner and children under the age of 18 years) enjoy complete freedom to undertake any paid or unpaid employment or self-employment within the UK for the duration of their stay.