Sponsor License Renewal

Sponsor Licence Renewal

If your sponsor licence is coming to the end of its four-year validity period, we can submit renewals on your behalf, liaise with the Home Office and ensure your company keeps ahead of all the necessary compliance duties and the process entails.

How can we help?

As standard, Imin4U offers our corporate clients these services:

  • We provide profile to prepare compliance audits and spot checks by the Home Office with your company. This ensures compliance officers are acting within their permitted remit and we assist with answering queries.
  • As and when there are any changes to sponsored migrants conditions we can report as needed to the Home Office
  • We assess your current situation and report any updates to the Home Office
  • We act as a Level 1 user of the system, which permits us to prepare and assign certificates of sponsorship on your behalf.
Ongoing services for corporate clients

We recognise that as an employer, you have many obligations to your employees, of which immigration forms just one aspect. We work to remove all immigration-related burdens from your workload, providing tailored immigration compliance packages to your organisation at a fixed rate. These include compliance packs, new starter checks and in-house training.

Compliance packs

When we have helped you complete a Tier 2 application, we send a compliance pack to the relevant HR Officer. This complete pack of documents includes all the appropriate certificates of sponsorship and relevant documents. We like to make it easy, so the package also contains a list of the documents you need to keep up to date to remain Home Office compliant.

New starter checks

New employees need to provide you with proof of their ability to work in the UK. The documents that you may accept to prove this, and to exempt you from any monetary fines, are limited and the way that you should check these are detailed.

We provide simple, error-free new starter checks that are compliant with all Right to Work guidelines.

To prevent sponsors and employers like you from receiving a fine from the Home Office, we can:

  • assist you with induction processes
  • ensure that correct documents are being checked
  • advise you on how they should be retained.

In-house training

Our team of trainers provide specific training to your HR requirements to act as a reminder of your duties and obligations. You can find out more on our Training page.